NEW WEBSITE: Campaign for Real Change in Mental Health Policy

A new and comprehensive website has surfaced offering information and ideas on taking action against the Murphy Bill (HR 2646).

The site includes:

You can visit the whole site here.

The text of the Real Change in Mental Healty Policy site's talking points is quoted below the 'read more' link.

Murphy Bill Comprehensive Review Talking Points

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646), introduced by Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA), of Pennsylvania, is a sweeping bill that promises “reform,” but would actually return the nation’s mental health system to many of the failed policies of the past.


Many of the provisions of the bill would significantly curtail civil rights on the basis of a medical diagnosis.


The bill is inconsistent in a number of ways with current scientific understanding of the etiology and treatment of mental illness and substance abuse disorders:

Community Supports

The bill uses language that dismisses the possibility of recovery, and effectively promotes institutional services over evidence-based practices in the community.

Public Health Approach

A public health approach addresses the health and wellness of populations as well as individuals; addresses environmental as well as biological factors contributing to illness; uses social policy as well as programmatic reforms to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors; and provides a balance of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation/support interventions. The bill fails in several significant ways to consider mental illness and addiction as public health problems.

Structural Reform

The bill is constructed on a conceptual framework that ignores progress over the past twenty years. Furthermore, there is little evidence to suggest that the structural solutions proposed will lead to significant improvements in the service delivery system.