Beyond the Medical Model

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Beyond the Medical Model examines the impact of a one-model system that has been written so inextricably into our law and language that it has become difficult for many to even hear the evidence supporting a much broader take on what we so often label ‘mental illness.’  Through the expertise of people sharing a range of worldviews and parts of their own stories, information is offered on how we have sometimes harmed ourselves and our communities through our own rigidity.  The film encourages us to explore how we might begin to understand our experiences through a variety of lenses and without limiting ourselves to any one box or framework.

Dr. Daniel Dorman, author of ‘Dante’s Cure,’ was once quoted as saying, “If even one apple fell up, wouldn’t we need to at least begin to question the laws of physics?” 

This is the story of some of those apples.        

2013. 67 Minutes.        

Featuring: Robert Whitaker, Daniel Mackler, Jacqui Dillon, Gail Hornstein, Ruta Mazelis, Rich Shulman, Will Hall, Maria Tarajano Rodman and the voices many others from our community.             



The film is currently still available from these two sites:

National Empowerment Center

Mad in America