Our Bodies, Our Selves

Originally published in the RLC Newsletter, July, 2010

 modern abstract figure drawing of irenka

Society puts a tremendous amount of   pressure on us to look and be a certain way. As a result, many of us can be very unkind to ourselves. We criticize our bodies, call ourselves names, or focus on the many ways in which we’re not good enough. Unfortunately, it’s often considered ‘normal’ for people to talk about hating their bodies or their appearance openly and on a regular basis.

This article is intended as a call to all of us to find ways to be kinder to ourselves individually and as a community.

When we speak unkindly about ourselves, consider these possible effects:


Our hope is that, as a community, we can focus on feeding our bodies in ways that support our feeling good, moving our bodies in ways that support our personal sense of wellness and strength, and finding ways to connect with one another in ways that support all of our individual goals.

We hope you will join us in this aspiration of exploring better ways to hold our values and move toward wellness and wholeness.