Wednesday, 08 July 2020

Some Quick Center Updates

Springfield (Bowen) Center:
The Bowen Center (235 Chestnut Street in Springfield) continues to be active and open for its regularly scheduled hours.
Greenfield Center:
The RLC’s Greenfield Center (located at 74 Federal Street) continues to be active and open, though we will continue to look for new and improved space in the local area!
Holyoke Center:
Our move from 187 High Street to 199 High Street is still in progress. Check the calendar for groups that will be ongoing, but all center hours are cancelled until renovations and our move is complete!
Pittsfield Center:
We are moving along with plans to re-open a center space in Pittsfield, and hope to have more news on that soon. In the meantime, please help us welcome returning team member and new Pittsfield Community Coordinator, Alan Vreeland who will be collaborating with Natan to offer ongoing community forums to help us continue to rebuild our presence in the area. See the Pittsfield calendar for more information!



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