Wednesday, 08 July 2020

Six Flags Update - Success!

At the end of September, we sent out an action alert letting everyone know that Six Flags was set to feature an extremely offensive Halloween exhibit called the ‘Psycho-path Haunted Asylum.’ It was described as follows:Six Flags Fright Fest

"Experience the all-new PSYCHO-PATH Haunted Asylum coming to Fright Fest 2016. Wander through an abandoned asylum in small groups through tight spaces, darkened corridors and forgotten cells. The inmates of the Asylum have broken loose and will have you screaming in sheer terror as they taunt and torture their newest victims.

Dr. Shockmoore will proudly showcase his latest in deranged experiments as you witness a lobotomy, shock treatment and isolation of his most insane and twisted patients. Will you escape or become Dr. Shockmoore’s latest experiment in his deranged and twisted plan?"

Thank you to everyone who took action and called or e-mailed
Six Flags in Western Mass, and thank you as well to all the people across the country who took similar actions with other Six Flags locations.
It made a difference!

The end result?
Six Flags has CANCELLED their ‘psycho-path’ exhibit,
and replaced it with the following:

“The Forgotten Laboratory: Traverse through this haunted laboratory where scientists are conducting their latest experiments as they gather research and data.”

Our success here is a great example of how much power
we can have when we all come together to get heard!



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