Helpful Links

The links below are intended as a guide in your pursuit to connect with other people and websites that may offer helpful information or resources.
Please note:  This page is not intended as a recommendation of any of the websites or services listed.  It is for informational purposes only. Although we include some traditionally-oriented resources and web pages, listings intentionally focus more on alternatives to medical model approaches and ways of thinking.  This is not because we are against more familiar and medical perspectives and approaches.  It is because we are aware that many people are never given the opportunity to explore alternatives and information on less standard approaches can be very difficult to find.  Ultimately, we support people in their efforts to be fully informed and to choose the path that works best for them. 
Massachusetts Recovery Learning Communities (RLCs):
In addition to the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community, there are five other Recovery Learning Communities funded in the state of Massachusetts. Each RLC is unique, and available supports and approaches vary from one to another. They include:
Peer Worker Resources:
These organizations offer training, support and networking opportunities to individuals working as (or interested in working as) peer workers.
Peer-to-Peer Organizations:
The organizaztions listed below are run by people who have 'been there' and with the intent of supporting others who are struggling and/or changing the world.  They offer a variety of resources, supports and information.  The list includes a mix of national or international organizations and regionally based groups that are within range of Western Massachusetts.

Local Community Organizations:
The organizations listed below are community-based in the Western Mass area and offer a variety of resources and supports.

Local Providers:

The organizations listed below offer traditional adult mental health and crisis services throughout Western Massachusetts.  Many of the organizations listed also provide other services including children's mental health services, sheltering, substance abuse treatment, employment supports and more.
Hospitals W/Psychiatric Services:
The hospitals listed below offer inpatient mental health services, as well as, in some cases, partial hospitalization programs in Western Massachusetts.

 Medication Information & Resources Online:

This listing contains links to a variety of resources on learning about particular psychiatric medications, as well as the process of withdrawing from medication

National & International Organizations:

This listing contains links to a variety of national and international organizations that have missions relating to mental health.

Food & Body Image Issues:

These sites provide a variety of resources and information on body image issues and eating disorder diagnoses.

Substance & Addiction Issues

These sites offer a variety of supports and information related to substance and alcohol abuse and addiction issues.


These sites offer resources and information pertaining to self-injury.

Autism & Neruodiversity

This list offers a variety of sites relating to Autism, Aspergers and neurodiversity.

Employment Resources:
This listing contains a variety of employment-related supports available in our area.
Housing-Related Websites:
This listing contains websites offering housing-related resources, including shelters and other listings.
SSI/SSDI & Other Benefit Resources:
This listing contains a variety of websites offering resources on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Food Stamps and other benefits available in Massachusetts.

Legal Services & Info:

This listing contains a variety of websites offering legal resources and information.

Miscellaneous Related Links:
This listing contains a variety of websites including those with diagnosis-specific information as well as ones that just didn't quite fit into any of the other categories above.

On-line Magazines and Radio Shows

This listing includes on-line magazines and radio shows which often address issues related to mental health and recovery.

Healing & Recovery-Related Blogs (Written and Video)

These sites offer personal accounts of recovery from mental health and substance abuse struggles.

Spiritual Emergency Perspective

This listing offers links to information on spirituality, mental health and the spiritual emergency perspective.

Trauma Perspective

These links relate to trauma, trauma sensitivity and the trauma perspective.

Gender & Sexuality

These links relate to experiences around gender roles, transgender and gender expression, sexuality and sexual orientation and so on.

Healing & The Arts

Young Adults

Social Connections

Just for Fun Links:

These links are just for fun.  Some of them have absolutely nothing to do with mental health issues whatsoever, while others may take a satirical approach to otherwise serious issues.

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