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Reading List


While you may already find some useful information here, this page is under construction and will be growing substantially in the coming months!


While not exhaustive, this list contains reading on a variety of topics that you might find useful, informative or interesting.  If you have something you would like to recommend be added to this list, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details.


Poetry and Creative Writing


Writing on Trauma-Related Topics


Writing on Psychiatric Medication


Documentaries and Educational Films

  • Between the Lines - A film exploring the varying meanings and reasons for self-injury
  • Beyond the Medical Model - A film by the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community about creating space for a variety of understandings and interpretations of human experience and emotional distress
  • A Brilliant Madness - A documentary about John Nash on whom the fictionalized film, A Beautiful Mind, was based
  • Coming off of Psych Drugs - A film exploring the challenges, successes and overall process of withdrawing from psychiatric drugs
  • Crooked Beauty - A film exploring what it is like to be 'crazy in a crazy world,' focusing on the story of Jacks McNamara, co-founder of the Icarus Project
  • Dialogues with Madwomen - A film featuring seven women who speak to their experience with psychiatric diagnosis
  • The Doctor Who Heard Voices - A dramatized film about the true story of a junior doctor who hears voices telling her to kill herself
  • Generation RX - A film that explores the use psychiactric medications in children
  • Healing Homes - A film about the Family Care Foundation in Sweden, and their alternative approach to supporting human healing
  • Healing Voices -  A film about the stories of people who have experienced psychiatric labelling, trauma, etc. as they relate to stigma, discrimination, healing and more
  • Hurry Tomorrow - A film made in a psychiatric ward of a Los Angelese hospital, exposing the abuses and mistreatment of those hospitalized there
  • Important Souls - A film about the role of trauma in the lives of people who have been psychiatrically labelled
  • Kings Park - A film about Kings Park State Hospital as told from the perspective of people who were once hospitalized there
  • Little Brother Big Pharma - Looking at the impact of the current pharmaceutical industry on those receiving treatment in the mental health system
  • Mental Notes - A film that explores the history of the psychiatric system in New Zealand
  • Numb Documentary - A film documenting the results when one person decides to track their process of withdrawing from antidepressants
  • OC87 - A film about Bud Clayman and his experience with psychitric diagnosis and recovery
  • Open Dialogue - A film exploring the Open Dialogue approach developed in the Northern Laplands of Finland
  • People Say I'm Crazy - A film about John Cadigan who shares his experiences being diagnosed with Schizophrenia and moving beyond his emotiondal distress
  • Take These Broken Wings -A film focusing on the healing journey of Catherine Penney and Joanne Greenberg who both recovery from Schizophrenia diagnoses without the use of medication
  • There's a Fault in Reality -  A film exploring the experience of 'Schizophrenia' through the stories of three individuals
  • Titicut Follies - A film exploring the conditions that existed in the state prison for the criminally insane in Bridgerwater, Massachusetts
  • Wait! I'm Still Here - A film exploring the epidemic of psychiatric diagnosis in the United States
  • What Happened to You - A film about the impact of trauma on our lives
  • Voices Matter - A film produced primarily from footage and interviews at the 2012 Hearing Voices Congress in Wales that celebrates the progress of the Hearing Voices Movement


Writing on Hearing Voices




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