Monday, 30 November 2020

Employment Supports

Although the Western Mass RLC does not specifically offer job searching and training supports, we do partner with people as possible to look for resources, explore and try out new ideas, and develop related skills.  Sometimes these activities occur through more formal groups and workshops, and other times they happen through individual peer-to-peer support and connections made in community.
lead_deirdreIn some instances, the RLC community has played a role in supporting people who have been succesful in developing their own small businesses, recording original music, and creating and displaying artwork.  Many have also moved on to a variety of competitive employment positions based, in part, on skills learned and supports received through the RLC.
The fundamental values underlying all our work in this area includes:
  • Self-determination
  • Increasing access to opportunity
  • The importance of valued roles in healing and in life
  • The individual as the expert on themselves
  • Building bridges to community
Ultimately, we believe that each person's inspiration, creativity, passion, goals and interests can guide them to the roles that will have the most meaning and impact in their lives, and that employment supports needn't be limited to only those options that seem obvious in the moment.

Full application: Word version     PDF version
Re-application (for past grantees who are applying for continued funding for the same project): Word version     PDF version
* PLEASE NOTE: Information sessions are being held on-line at this time. Please view the full application for dates, times, and registration information.
Due dates for applications has been updated to July 24th, 2020! See application for details.
Have an idea for a small business or independent project? Now is the time of year when we once again start accepting grant applications to help you move your ideas forward.
Funds for this project are very limited, and successful candidates will be those who:
  • Live in Western Massachusetts
  • Have been personally impacted by psychiatric diagnosis, extreme states, trauma and other challenges that have gotten in the way of their ability to explore and achieve their dreams
  • Have a clear vision for your business or independent project
  • Are self-driven and motivated to reach project goals
  • Are not an employee of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community or the Western Mass Training Consortium, and are not an immediate relative of an employee.

Our funds for Career Initiative Grants are very limited.

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