Afiya is the first peer-run respite in Massachusetts and one of only 13 in the country.


Afiya (A-FEE-yah) is a Swahili word that means

'physical, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness.'




Afiya's Mission:  Afiya strives to provide a safe space in which each person can find the balance and support needed to turn what is so often referred to as a ‘crisis’ into a learning and growth opportunity.

Afiya is located in a residential neighborhood in Northampton, Massachusetts and is central to a variety of community resources.  It is available to anyone ages 18 and older who is experiencing distress and feels they would benefit from being in a short-term, 24-hour peer-supported environment with others who have ‘been there.’  Typical stays at Afiya range from one to seven days.

The majority of people you will meet  (including in leadership roles) at Afiya identify as having lived experience that may include extreme emotional or altered states, psychiatric diagnoses, trauma histories, living without a home, navigating the mental health and other public systems, addictions and more.  They have come together because they believe that the wisdom they have gained from their lived experience is invaluable and sharing their story has great potential to create connection and support for others on their own journeys.



 And be sure to check out our new Afiya film available above!