Other Peer Respites


In addition to Afiya, there are a few handfuls of other peer respites (depending on your definition of 'peer respite') in the United States with more soon to come.  Amongst those that exist, their models and approaches vary substantially.  Check them out below!:


  1. Second Story  (California)
  2. Wellness Respite Services (two separate respites through the Collabroative Support Program of New Jersey)
  3. Rose House & Putnam House (two separate respites through PEOPLe, Inc. in New York State)
  4. Georgia Peer Support, Wellness and Respite Centers (Five seperate respites in various parts of Georgia)
  5. Stepping Stone (New Hampshire)
  6. Reflections: Whole Life Recovery Community (Pennsylvania)
  7. Sweetser Peer Support & Learning & Recovery Center (Maine)
  8. Hacienda of Hope (California)
  9. Share! Recovery Retreat (California)
  10. Foundations: A Place for Education and Recovery (Ohio)
  11. Iris Place (Wisconsin)
  12. Keya House (Nebraska)
  13. Alyssum (Vermont)
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