About Afiya


Afiya is based in a residential neighborhood, .3 miles from a school and within walking distance from a supermarket, bike path and two bus stops.  The house offers three bedrooms (one on the first floor and two on the second), two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and other community spaces including a partially finished basement.   Other features of the house include an accessibility ramp leading to the rear and side entrances, an accessible shower in the first-floor bathroom and a large back yard.  


What You Can Expect While Staying at Afiya:


* It's important to note that your experience at Afiya may vary depending on a number of factors including who else is staying at the house and how busy things are at that time.  Overall, our philosophy is that not all support has to or should come from someone who is working at Afiya to someone staying at Afiya.  Rather, we believe that support and healing connections can develop in many directions, including between two people staying at the house.  However, how that actually plays out at any given moment depends in the house.  Some people go to look for conversation and active exploration of ideas, while others may go primarily to get rest and quiet.  Similarly, while it is fair to expect at least some 1:1 support time during each visit, the needs of everyone staying in the house together will shape what that looks like from day to day.