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The RLC's Holyoke Center, 199 High Street, Holyoke
Tel: (413) 539-5941 or toll free (866) 641-2853
Fax: 413-493-7810
Monday through Thursday: 12pm - 4pm
Friday through Sunday: Closed
The Western Mass RLC’s Holyoke Center is now fully open in our new space at 199 High Street. Come check it out! We will be having an official Grand Opening Event on January 17th (snow date January 24th).
We've moved to a more accessible street-level, storefront space at 199 High Street. We're excited about this move, and hope it will help more people discover our community. This is a bittersweet moment, as this is the first center we ever opened and we’re sad to leave it behind, even though we’ve wanted to move for quite some time.
It's important to remember that the RLC is NOT all about spaces, and that our community (including events, classes and more) exists wherever people from our community may go. Please check our calendar (click here), website and Facebook page (click here) for updates!
Some Holyoke Center history:
The Western Mass RLC's Holyoke Center was the first to open, back in July of 2007. Located on the third floor of the Caledonian building on High Street in Holyoke, the center was in the same building as the Massachusetts Rehabilitation's Holyoke offices and across the street from the Social Security Administration. The center offered a variety of supports, including peer support by phone and in person, a computer lab with five computers, a lending library and a variety of workshops, community meetings and other activities.  Each room was also dedicated to someone who has touched the lives of our community through their advocacy, courage and compassion. Above all else, it was intended to create a safe space within which our community can come together, heal, share, support, learn from and strengthen one another.  
It is important to remember that the RLC is NOT all about spaces and that our community (including events, classes and more) exists wherever people from our community may go. So, be sure to check our calendar for events and opportunities occurring in the the Holyoke area outside of the center!
Western Mass RLC's Holyoke Center
199 High Street, Holyoke
*  Some meetings, workshops and groups occur outside of regular open hours. 
Be sure to check the monthly calendar for the most up-to-date information!

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  • The Murphy Bills and Beyond

    In June of 2015, Representative Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania re-introduced the "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" (HR 2646), better known as the Murphy Bill.  A month later, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut introduced a very similar bill in the Senate called the "Mental Health Reform Act of 2015" (S2680).  Both pieces of legislation threatened to dramatically increase the use of force and dismantle many of the more progressive and healing alternatives that have been developed in recent years. As of November 2016 the fate of both bills remained uncertain.

    Meanwhile, another piece of legislation called 21st Century Cures was in development and garnering increasing bipartisan support. A sweeping and expansive healthcare bill, 21st Century Cures was, initially, minimally focused on mental health provisions. Having been stalled in part due to resistance from Senate Democrats' concerns that the bill was dangerously empowering for the pharmaceutical industry, 21st Century Cures also faced an uncertain fate in November. However, the election of President Trump and consequent fears for the bill’s fate prompted a reworking of the bill that also included the absorption of many aspects of HR 2646, “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis.”

    21st Century Cures was passed by the House and Senate on November 30th and December 7th of last year, respectively. On December 13, 21st Century Cures (now including substantial portions drawn directly from HR 2646, "Helping Familties in Mental Health Crisis") was signed into law by President Obama. 



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