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RLC in the News

As a community, we are always looking for opportunities to share the work we're doing, and sometimes we find success in print, on the radio or on television. In this section, we will share some of our successes and increasing awareness of the RLC and all we do!


MassLive, April 2015

In April, MassLive ran an article about the actions our community has been taking
around the governor's budget cuts.
The article included background information on the RLC and what we do, and detailed information on the budget cuts. It also asked what these cuts would mean to us and our community, and how the various RLC's across the state are related.
Here's an excerpt responding to the question, "What need are the centers and services filling?"
"So many people assume that peer-to-peer supports are an "extra"... an "add-on" of sorts. That is a mistake. These supports reach people who can't access conventional mental health services due to wait periods and red tape, or who refuse those services because they don't trust them or have had bad experiences in the past. Many of these are people who really do need and want support, and don't have anywhere else to go. Some are homeless, some would be calling 911 or going to the Emergency Room if not for the connections they've made through the RLC. More and more, people are sharing that peer-to-peer supports are what have saved their life, and made moving forward to meaningful roles in community possible... one of the great things about this community is that it creates space not only to receive support, but to give back. When at its best (and fully funded), our reach is limitless because of just that sort of give and take."
Read the full article on MassLive by clicking here:

Interview with Sera Davidow, October 2014

Here's an excerpt from an interview with our own Sera Davidow, published in October of 2014:


"Mental illness" is a loaded term, and too often the ones with the weapons to combat it have inaccurate or too narrow aims.

That's a quick summation of two films by Sera Davidow at the Mad in America International Film Festival this weekend. The festival started Thursday and runs through Sunday.

Davidow is the director of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community. She made the films separately but said they dovetail to a certain extent.

Davidow's first film, "Beyond the Medical Model," explores how the restrictive systems of language and legalities that surround the area of emotional problems has often exacerbated these issues for certain people. The film encourages broadening the scope of dealing with these issues beyond the traditional framework that has been in place for decades. "Beyond the Medical Model" will be screened Saturday at 2:30 p.m.


To read the full article, use this link:


Segundo aniversario del RLC y gran apertura de su nueva oficina en Springfield

From the Republican, on Wednesday, Sept. 10 of 2008;

"Celebrando su segundo aniversario se encuentra el RLC “Recovery Learning Community” (Comunidad de Aprendizaje de Recuperación) y junto con esto también celebra la gran apertura de su nuevo Centro de Servicio en Springfield.

Hace dos años, un grupo de personas interesadas en traer un cambio en el estilo de apoyo y ayuda para las personas con diagnóstico mental se dio a la tarea de organizarse y hacer realidad lo que hoy se conoce como el RLC. Más que un programa, La Comunidad de Aprendizaje de Recuperación, es un modelo de servicio alternativo y abarcador. Su filosofía está enfocada en la auto-ayuda de cada individuo para encontrar su camino a la recuperación. Con un modelo no clínico, el RLC es manejado esencialmente por personas quienes han recibido en algún momento de sus vidas un diagnóstico mental y ahora brindan su experiencia de recuperación a la comunidad.

El RLC ofrece una gran variedad de servicios y actividades que incluyen; grupos de apoyo para personas con ansiedad, acupuntura en la oreja, yoga, club de jardinería, club de ajedrez, grupo de apoyo para personas que escuchan voces, caminatas grupales, clases de computadora, foros comunitarios sobre diversos temas y muchas otras.

Coincidiendo con la celebración de su segundo aniversario el RLC se complace en invitarlos a la apertura de su nuevo Centro de Servicios en Springfield, el jueves 16 de julio desde las 5:00pm. El centro lleva el nombre “Bowen Resource Center” en reconocimiento póstumo a Shelley Bowen, residente de Springfield quien formó parte del comité que dio forma a lo que hoy es el RLC. Para Shélley uno de sus sueños era tener un Centro de Servicios del RLC en Springfield, hoy ese sueño se convierte en realidad.

La nueva oficina del RLC está localizada en el 340 Main Street en Springfield. Adyacente al McDonald’s del “South End” y sus horarios de servicio son martes de 10 a.m. a 4 p.m., jueves de 12 p.m. a 2 p.m. y viernes de 10 a.m. a 4 p.m. Los viernes el Centro está dedicado a ofrecer servicios a jóvenes-adultos entre las edades de 18 a 25 años. Para mayor información o buscar ayuda y apoyo puedes pasar por la oficina en horario de servicio o comunicarte al (413) 732–1703 allí te atenderán cordialmente Hilda, Oscar, Art y otros miembros de la gran comunidad del RLC."

Community Members Join Millions March in NYC

The RLC's own Erick Anaya joined thousands of people for the "Millions March NYC" protest (12/13/14), which began at Manhattan's Washington Square Park and ended at One Police Plaza in front of the New York Police Department Headquarters. MassLive interviewed him and several other people attending the march.

To read the full article, which includes a diverse collection of voices, go to:


New York Times, March 2013

In March of 2013, the New York Times published a 'Sunday Dialogue' called 'Defining Mental Illness.'  One of the letters published in this dialogue was by Sera Davidow.  Although Sera was writing primarily as an independent person in the community and not in her role with the RLC, her connection to the Western Mass RLC was noted in the version that was published on-line.

You can read the dialogue here.


new york times

RLC's Springfield Community Takes Action!

Protest at the Courthouse!


Equipped with posters produced at the Bowen Center and an organizational effort led by the GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance), the RLC's presence was strongly felt at Springfield's Federal Courthouse on the morning of November 6th.

We joined the protest alongside community members from ARISE, Out Now, Stop The Hate And Homophobia Coalition, and the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force, standing in solidarity behind SMUG (the Sexual Minorities of Uganda) in their discovery trial against Scott Lively. For those unfamiliar with the case, Scott Lively is a Springfield native who has travelled abroad to Russia and Uganda, helping lead the movements in anti-gay legislation and even calling for violence against homosexuals. SMUG has brought charges of Crimes against Humanity against Lively and we now know that the trial is set for 2015.

More information on the injustices and the protest are available here:







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