Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Article from The Recorder

In April, The Recorder ran an article entitled
"Greenfield mental health outreach program threatened by statewide cut".
Here's an excerpt:

"GREENFIELD — Faced with a proposed 50 percent cut to their state funding, a statewide mental health outreach and peer services program with an office on Federal Street is bracing for the prospect of closing centers, laying off staff, and maybe fading away entirely.

Sera Davidow, Western Mass. Recovery Learning Community director, said the cut in the governor’s budget came as a surprise, even in the current climate.

“It was something that was very unexpected, we really had been told by (the Department of Mental Health) and believed ourselves that we were so small that a cut of this size would really decimate us and not do much for the overall deficit,” Davidow said."




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