Saturday, 26 September 2020

MassLive, April 2015

In April, MassLive ran an article about the actions our community has been taking
around the governor's budget cuts.
The article included background information on the RLC and what we do, and detailed information on the budget cuts. It also asked what these cuts would mean to us and our community, and how the various RLC's across the state are related.
Here's an excerpt responding to the question, "What need are the centers and services filling?"
"So many people assume that peer-to-peer supports are an "extra"... an "add-on" of sorts. That is a mistake. These supports reach people who can't access conventional mental health services due to wait periods and red tape, or who refuse those services because they don't trust them or have had bad experiences in the past. Many of these are people who really do need and want support, and don't have anywhere else to go. Some are homeless, some would be calling 911 or going to the Emergency Room if not for the connections they've made through the RLC. More and more, people are sharing that peer-to-peer supports are what have saved their life, and made moving forward to meaningful roles in community possible... one of the great things about this community is that it creates space not only to receive support, but to give back. When at its best (and fully funded), our reach is limitless because of just that sort of give and take."
Read the full article on MassLive by clicking here:



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