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RLC Film Productions

The Western Mass RLC is a community full of inspiring stories, vision and energy.  We have black and white bootsexpressed that through many mediums.  Most recently, we have begun using film as a way to share our ideas and perspectives.

Here you will find news of RLC film productions.  In some cases, you may be able to learn about the film and watch it right here.  In other instances, you will be able to view a trailer and learn how to obtain a copy of the full film.  

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Please Note:  We are attempting to keep the price of our films as low as possible so that they are accessible to everyone.  All prices are designed primarily to help us recoup the cost of producing the DVDs themselves.  However, our funds are forever stretched thin and we could certainly use your support for all we do (including making more films!).  To that end, each DVD purchase menu offers several different options ranging from the price of the film alone to the price of the film plus various donation levels.  All donations are tax deductible and we will send you a donation receipt for any contributions you make beyond the cost of the film.  

We thank you for any additional support you may be able to offer!


The Virtues of Non-Compliance

Virtues of Non ComplianceThe current-day mental health system has been shaped around the idea that people who have been given psychiatric labels suffer in a way over which they have no control and that often results in an inability to care for one’'s self.  It is an approach that encourages the idea that professionals need to step in to be the experts and determine someone'’s human potential.  These beliefs have also influenced other aspects of our culture to the point where news, movies, friends and family tend to perpetuate the message that we are chronically sick and need to re-adjust our hopes and dreams. 

In some instances, people have been told they won’'t be able to handle living on their own, going to school, working, getting married or having children.  Many have been told they need to take medications, even if they leave them numb, and participate in programs that treat them as if they are children. 

‘The Virtues of Non-Compliance’ talks back to all those ideas in the voice of people who have ‘been there,’ who have been told they can'’t, and who have gone on to live their lives on their own terms.

 2013.  25 Minutes.


 Now Available for Purchase

The Virtues of Non-Compliance


You can also view the trailer here:


Beyond the Medical Model

dvd cover final

Beyond the Medical Model examines the impact of a one-model system that has been written so inextricably into our law and language that it has become difficult for many to even hear the evidence supporting a much broader take on what we so often label ‘mental illness.’  Through the expertise of people sharing a range of worldviews and parts of their own stories, information is offered on how we have sometimes harmed ourselves and our communities through our own rigidity.  The film encourages us to explore how we might begin to understand our experiences through a variety of lenses and without limiting ourselves to any one box or framework.

Dr. Daniel Dorman, author of ‘Dante’s Cure,’ was once quoted as saying, “If even one apple fell up, wouldn’t we need to at least begin to question the laws of physics?” 

This is the story of some of those apples.        

2013. 67 Minutes.        

Featuring: Robert Whitaker, Daniel Mackler, Jacqui Dillon, Gail Hornstein, Ruta Mazelis, Rich Shulman, Will Hall, Maria Tarajano Rodman and the voices many others from our community.             



The film is currently still available from these two sites:

National Empowerment Center

Mad in America





About the Western Mass RLC

We made this 12-minute short film with PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film about the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community within our first couple of years of existence.  Now four years later, the film is out of date in many ways as it does not reflect the strong and critical work we do around advocacy, training, consultation and creating learning and growth opportunities for all.  However, it is still meaningful and speaks clearly to some of our values, focus on peer-to-peer support, and exploration of alternative approaches like the Hearing Voices groups.





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