Tuesday, 04 August 2020

The RLC in the NYT (and the Boston Globe): Hearing Voices

We’re excited to share that the Western Mass RLC has made some
high profile appearances in the mainstream media this past month!
August 8th, the New York Times:
It appeared in print and on-line on Tuesday, August 8, and featured some of the great Hearing Voices work led by RLC team members, Caroline White, Marty Hadge and others in our community.
August 12, the Boston Globe:
appeared in the Boston Globe. It was an editorial written by Sera Davidow, also of the Western Mass RLC. This article highlighted both the good and the bad that the mainstream news often overlooks.
Both articles appeared on the front of the science sections of their respective publications
and can still be viewed on-line, or by clicking on their titles above!



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