Saturday, 15 August 2020

Alfa Y Omega Food Pantry, Christian Pentecostal Church

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96 Cabot Street
Holyoke, MA

Phone: (413) 532 - 6192

This description and review comes directly from the RLC community:

Alfa y Omega Food Pantry offers a box of food every 6 weeks. Picture identification and a Holyoke address are requested. It is in the basement of the Christian Pentecostal Church on the corner of Cabot and Race Street. It is open 10:30 to 3:00. The later you go the more likely it is that some food items will have run out.

Once you sign up you are given a slip of paper and a number representing your place in line. The slip of paper also has the date you can come back and your file number. (We found that keeping track of a slip of paper for a month can be difficult and that memorizing your file number can speed up the process.)

After receiving a number there is an auditorium-type space to sit in and wait to be called. The staff and boxes of food are on the stage and when your number is called you go and get your box. The box is usually around 20 lbs with a mixture of fresh and canned food. It may take a while to get a box. Once we arrived at 11:15, receiving numbers in the 60's and were not called until 12:20. The numbers are called out in Spanish and repeated in English as needed.

Many community members have found the staff to be polite and helpful, although on one occasion it is reported that a staff person cursed and yelled at the room of people being waiting to "shut up". It can be very loud and difficult waiting with so many people so so close together for up to an hour or more.

96 Cabot Street



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