Friday, 20 July 2018

Peer Support Line

Peer Support Line


Feeling lonely, sad or in distress?


Are you looking for resource information? 


Just want to talk or be heard?



Have you ever tried calling a peer support line? 


Introducing the Western Mass Peer Support Line:


Open Friday through Monday, 8pm to midnight


Toll Free: 888.407.4515


What is a a peer support line?

A peer support line (sometimes referred to as a ‘warmline’) is a phone line that you can call during a designated set of days and hours to:

  • Get support
  • Ask about resources
  • Connect with another person who can relate or has ‘been there’
  • Just talk


As opposed to a crisis line that is answered by a clinician and focuses on whether or not you may qualify for hospitalization or respite, a peer support line is answered by a trained peer worker who has their own lived experience (with a psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, extreme or altered states, etc.) and who is there to talk and offer support.


Download a Peer Support Line flyer to help spread the word  flyers

Frequently asked questions about the Western Mass Peer Support Line

Other warmlines and peer support lines accessible to Massachusetts residents




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