Caroline Mazel-Carlton Keynotes at Alternatives 2019

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, RLC Director of Training, Caroline Mazel-Carlton offered a keynote talk at the Alternatives 2019 conference in Washington DC.

Caroline opened the talk by asking the audience if any of them had ever experienced being told they were “too much.” She also coined the term “twilight people” as it refers to those of us who regularly straddle boundaries, the spaces between light and darkness, who walk between worlds like the one meant for those who are “sick” and those who are “well.” She also speaks about her first jobs in the world of peer support, suicide, and a number of other pieces before drawing to a close, and circling back to where she began: “I just want to thank you for being too much... Thank you. Thank you for honoring our ancestors who were buried as numbers by reclaiming your voices, your identity, your culture. Being loud. Thank you for your tears... For your anger... And for your sensitivity, especially to injustice. And thank you for coming here today to share the wisdom you have gained from navigating these extremes.”

You can view Caroline’s full keynote talk HERE