Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Special Meeting of the Guiding Council

We're writing a new proposal for the RLC!

As of January 12, 2017, the Department of Mental Health (DMH) has released the Recovery Learning Community contracts for bid across the state.

What does this mean overall? DMH is saying that they will be funding 5 Recovery Learning Communities across the state (reduced from 6). Any group that is authorized as a ‘DMH Vendor’ (i.e., an organization that is able to accept DMH contracts) is eligible to bid on one or more of the RLC contracts. Each ‘bid’ most speak to how that group will use DMH funds and bring to fruition (or continue) the RLC vision.

What does this mean for us? The Western Mass RLC first became funded in the Spring of 2007, after the Guiding Council of Western Mass partnered with the Western Mass Training Consortium in 2006 to write a proposal for how they would develop and implement the ‘Recovery Learning Community’ vision.

Thus, this is really the first time since 2006, that we’ve been called upon to sit down as a group and explore questions like, “What has worked? What do we want to see moving forward? How do we want to respond to what DMH says are the key components of an RLC?”

We want to put together the best proposal possible, and
that means serious consideration for what the DMH is
requiring and what our community is saying it wants.
Please consider joining us for this open meeting of the Guiding Council on:
Monday, February 6
1pm to 4pm @ the RLC’s Holyoke Center,
187 High Street, Suite 303.
Pizza and salad will be served.




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