Save the RLC Greenfield CircleThe Western Mass RLC will be losing its funding at the end of December, when the fifth cycle of the Greenfield CommunityDevelopment Block grant the RLC has shared with Recover Project comes to an end. This funding has gone primarily toward supporting our space at 74 Federal street, as well as some additional hours for team members. (Other hours are funded through our contract with the Department of Mental Health.)
While the RLC is firm in its believe that our community is about people and not spaces, our Greenfield Center has served as an important gathering point. It has been a place for us to come together to co-create a healing environment in which we can gather strength with and from one another.
The space itself is also a visual representation of the power of our community when it comes together. Indeed, it was members of our community in collaboration with members of the Recover Project community (often one and the same) who came together to turn an old broken down comic book shop with holes in the wall and stained carpet into the beautiful space that it has since become.
We are excited to begin rolling out our plan to save the center. This will include: