Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Voice Dialoguing Workshop

with Rufus May and Elisabeth SvanholmerVoice Dialoguing Flyer
A Two-Day Workshop for Clinical Providers, Peer Supporters & More.
Monday, May 23 to Tuesday, May 24
10am to 4:30pm (registration at 9:30)
Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, MA
What is Voice Dialoguing?
Many people who hear voices have at least some voices that say difficult or challenging things at some of the time. Conventional training suggests teaching people to distract themselves or ignore those voices. However, many have found that a turning point for them has been finding different ways of understanding and even talking with those voices.
Individuals who attend this training will learn about and explore a "Voice Dialoguing" approach that supports people to:
~ Explore the motives and meaning of voices
~ Re-define the relationship between a voice and voice hearer
~ Reduce the sense of powerlessness that some voice hearers experience
~ Reduce negative impacts of voices on daily life
Open to local & national applicants.
Space is very limited and sign up is required by completing and submitting
a registration form by Friday, May 1st (or until the training is full)
by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or fax: 413.536.5466.
For more information, or to get an application, click here or on the image above.



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