Monday, 26 June 2017

Training: When Conversation Turns to Suicide

TRAINING but funMarch 27 and March 28
9:30am to 4:30pm
in South Hadley, Massachusetts
Faciltiated by Sean Donovan and Caroline White 
Applications required and accepted on a rolling basis until full

This training is based on the principles of our ‘Alternatives to Suicide’ groups and the wisdom of so many people who themselves have struggled with how and if to stay in this world. The training focuses on sitting with difficult conversations, exploring our own feelings and fears that rise up when trying to do so, and supporting those who are struggling to make meaning of and move through those darkest times.

This training is open to providers, people working in peer roles, friends and family members, and anyone else interested in learning more. We’ve had great responses to the trainings we’ve offered so far. Here are a few comments from previous participants:

  • “It was so very good it inspired me to be involved with this process - a truly important and needed training. It should be mandatory.”
  • It was amazing. It gave me confidence to handle difficult conversations with compassion and curiosity.”
  • Excellent, really liked the fact the facilitators were very personal in sharing their experiences and how we practiced the techniques and were able to discuss each one after practice!! Thanks so much this training was very helpful.”

The Alternatives to Suicide approach was developed by the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (RLC) in 2009 as one of the only peer-to-peer approaches that truly focuses on the topic of suicide rather than assessment and risk. Trainings and workshops on this approach have also been offered in Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin, and beyond (including France and Australia!). We hope that you will consider joining us for this great two-day training opportunity.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this training is based on the ‘Alternatives to Suicide’ approach and includes information drawn from that, this training is not the same as the three-day Alternatives to Suicide Facilitator training and is not intended to prepare people to facilitate groups.

Click HERE for a Word version of the application and HERE for a PDF version.


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