Career Explorations

Career Explorations offers opportunities for young people between the ages of 16 and their mid-twenties to explore career possibilities that link personal aspirations to real world job experiences.
In the summer of 2014, Career Explorations focused on connecting young people with real world experience in building websites. The RLC's Greenfield space was home to the Tech Scouts program and mentored by Bram Moreinis. Tech scouts brings teens and young adults together for IT service learning. The Scouts came together as high functioning teams and finished all three major projects they took on successfully: providing website design, development and support for The Recover Project, Girls Club of Greenfield and FH Youth to Work.


Tech Scouts Group Photo

Career Explorations will create opportunities for you to:

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Check out this short film about Tech Scouts!


And here are before and after shots of a Tech Scout project:


 TECH SCOUTS Girls Club of Greenfield BEFORE shot
TECH SCOUTS Girls Club of Greenfield AFTER shot